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How to add a poll to your Facebook business page

  1. Go to http://woobox.com/customtab and add the Woobox custom tab to your Facebook Fan page.
  2. Go to http://easypolls.net/ and create a poll
  3. Change the look and feel, if needs be, by clicking on the look and feel tab
  4. Save the poll
  5. It will make you log into easy polls via Facebook
  6. Grab the poll HTML in the box “Add poll to your page”
  7. Use Dreamweaver or whatever web developer tool to add the code to an html and upload to your server with a distinct URL (remember you can always dress the page up a little with colors, images as long as it’s under 520 px in width).
  8. After that HTML is uploaded, go to your Facebook page and click on the tab created by Woobox (step 1)
  9. Click on the tab settings
  10. Put the URL of where the poll is located in the page source > URL field
  11. Save!
  12. Woot, the cool thing is that when you want to change the poll, just create a new poll at easy polls and dump the newly generated code into the HTML you’ve already created and voila, the poll has changed at the Facebook page too.

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